E MANA can be your leading source for coated paper. We are committed to meet your most demanding specifications with a high level of performance, delivering you the best product to achieve better results.

Polyethylene (LDPE) extrusion coating can be applied on one or both sides either mate or gloss. These are some types of carton stock we laminate, but not limited to solid bleached sulfite, bond, chipboard and unbleached Kraft. Our products are laminated to have the strength and sealability with moisture barrier and ready to print on surface.

Carton stock and their common applications:

· KRAFT – Sacks, bags, pads, partitions and industrial wrapping paper

· CHIPBOARD – Partitions, boxes.

· BOND – Bags and boxes for medical and pharmaceutical supplies

· SBS – Folding boxes for frozen foods, food trays, containers with grease barrier